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Committees and Topics

Normal Committees


General Assembly 1 (DISEC)

Chairs: Anderson Chung (HCAS) and Henri Jan (TES)

Issue 101: Humane and Effective Measures to Disarm and Reintegrate Child Soldiers into Society

Issue 102: Addressing the issue of Bio and Chemical Weapons



General Assembly 2 (ECOFIN)

Chairs: Stephanie Kuo (EHS) and Vera Wu (TES)

Issue 201: Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for Sustainable Economic and Financial Development

Issue 202: Ensuring Access to Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable and Modern Energy for All



Human Rights Council

Chairs: Richard Lin (AAIA) and Katherine Lee (KAS)

Issue 301: Labor, Health, and Safety across the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Issue 302: Human Rights of Unaccompanied Refugee Children and Adolescents in the Refugee Surge in Western Europe


World Health Organization

Chairs: Jacqueline Chang (TAS) and Joshua Roh (TES) 

Issue 401: The Socio-Economically Disadvantaged from Drug Use Disorders

Issue 402: The question of Falsified Prescription Drugs


UN Women

Chairs: Tammy Hsu (AAIA) and Celia Tung (HCAS) 

Issue 501: Prevention of Violence against Women

Issue 502: Ensuring Political Participation among All Genders

Special Committees


Security Council

Presidents: Darrin Lin (KAS) and Amy Lin (DIS)

Issue 601: The question of Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts by United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

Issue 602: The situation in Myanmar



North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Presidents: Claudia Chuang (KAS) and Arthur Chen (DIS)

Issue 701: NATO’s Involvement in Ukraine and Relations with Russia and MENA


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