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General Assembly 1 (DISEC)

Issue 201: The question of disarming orbital satellites and military use of surveillance satellites

Issue 202: Regarding the current development and usage of AI in military operations


Head Chair: Allyn Wang (DIS)

Greetings, delegates!

I’m Allyn Wang, a sophomore at Dominican International School (DIS). It is my greatest pleasure to serve as your head chair of General Assembly 1 (DISEC) at DISMUN VI. I hope that this conference will be a fun experience for everyone and full of engaging debates. Please feel free to approach me if you have any questions. I would be very happy to assist you!
Don’t be shy to speak up! I’m so excited to see you all!!

Screenshot 2024-02-16 190538.png

Co-chair:  Austin Yang (IBSH)

Hi delegates!

My name is Austin Yang, a current sophomore at International Bilingual School at Hsinchu Science Park (IBSH). I am excited to be your next deputy chair for DISMUN 2024.

Being a chair means something important to me, because chairs were always the ones that made me comfortable in the Model United Nations community, from my very first conference.
I’ve always looked up to those that had much more experience than me, who I viewed as mentors and role models.

 I am taking that role now, to guide all delegates through an experience with not only debating, but also teamwork and forming bonds of friendship. To new delegates, embrace the fear of giving a speech for the first time, but never be afraid to speak out. To experienced delegates, I hope this conference serves to further your MUN journey.

I am always open to questions, even personal ones, so feel free to reach out, and see you all in March!

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