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Secretariat Team

Meet the numerous students that are dedicated to this programme.


Amy Lin

Secretary General

Amy Lin, DIS Class of ‘25, is an experienced delegate, expert president, and mentor.  She has attended 9 conferences, including TASMUN 2022, DISMUN 2022, and STMUN 2021. Amy is a seasoned delegate, and a strong, organized leader.

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Arthur Chen

Deputy Secretary General

Arthur Chen, DIS Class of ‘25, is a practiced delegate and diligent Deputy Secretary General. He had worked as the Webmaster for DISMUN in the previous school year. He has attended 12 conferences, which include STMUN 2021, DISMUN 2022, and HSINMUN 2022, and was voted Best Delegate in THIMUN Singapore 2022. Arthur is an experienced delegate and reliable leader.


Liyeh Kang

Head Delegate

Liyeh Kang is a current sophomore serving as the Head Delegate for DISMUN SY 2023-24. She has been to a total of 9 conferences including many reputable  conferences such as HSINMUN, STMUN, and TASMUN. During her leisure time, she likes to listen to music, learn new languages, text, and bake cookies.


Leo Yeh

Assistant Head Delegate

Leo Yeh is a current freshman serving as a assistant head delegate in the DISMUN club. He has attended 6 conferences including NTMUN 2023, HSINMUN 2023, and TASMUN 2023 and look forward to the upcoming conference such as THIMUN 2024, TAIMUN 2024, and DISMUN 2024. He is an outgoing delegate and an athlete at the same time. His hobbies include golfing, ice skating, reading philosophical literature and hanging with friends.

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Allyn Wang

Media Officer & Head Webmaster

Allyn Wang is a current sophomore serving as the Media officer and Head Webmaster of DISMUN. She has attended 9 conferences, including HSINMUN, STMUN, and TASMUN. She is an outspoken delegate who loves citing the Bible in her speeches. Her hobbies include baking, eating, and crying. 


Angelina Chen

Assiant Media Officer & Assistant Webmaster

Angelina Chen is in DIS Class of ‘27. She is the Assistant Webmaster and Assistant Media Officer. She has attended 7 conferences, which included STMUN 2021, TASMUN 2022 and HSINMUN 2023. She is an excellent delegate and hardworking assistant. Her hobbies include reading, reading biology textbook and sleeping.

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Aphi Aparajitaa Dammecha

Senior Advisor

Aphi Dammecha, in DIS Class of ‘24, is a practiced delegate and superb mentor. She had worked as the Secretary General for DISMUN in the previous school year. She has attended more than 10 conferences, including PASMUN 2020, DISMUN 2021, and TASMUN 2021. is a wonderful advisor, providing her expert opinion on any queries the team might have.

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