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pari passu.

Welcome to the 2023

Dominican International School

Model United Nations

The Dominican International School Model United Nations (DISMUN) is a group of students that believes that concepts of diplomacy and public relations should be a part of our education system. We hope that we can use our skills to cultivate the new generations in having enthusiasm to participate in global politics.


Advance in equal footing.

Goals for DISMUN


Students join in discussion on the inner workings of solving a particular issue.


Look into background information of the issue at hand and how it relates with your country.

International Understanding:

Look into background information of the issue at hand and how it relates with your country.

Conference Theme SDG: 17

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”

Welcome to DISMUN V. My name is Aphi Aparajitaa Dammecha, a junior at Dominican International School Taipei. It is with great honor to serve as your Secretary-General for the DISMUN conference in January 2023. As an active member of the club since eighth grade, I have developed a profound passion for Model UN, international relations, and public speaking, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities Model UN has provided me thus far. Consequently, I strive to bring the same sentiment to all participants in the upcoming conference -- one that empowers not only each individual but also the collective effort in constructing a community where all voices matter. The theme we have selected this year — Proficiamur pari passu. (Advance in equal footing.) — reflects the global need for partnership in establishing a sustainable future. The theme calls for more than the acknowledgment of global issues — it also calls for action, action in partnership. We strive to spark discussions that introduce new perspectives and solutions. As your Secretary-General, I hope DISMUN V provides you with insights into the depths of diplomacy and global affairs, as well as kindle a sense of global consciousness. See you in March 2023.


Aphi Aparajitaa Dammecha
Secretary General

Image by Ilyass SEDDOUG

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