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General Assembly 4 (SPECPOL)

Issue 601: Re-evaluating the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Issue 602: Re-evaluating the Laws of the Seas and Claims on the Open Seas


Head Chair: Joshua Roh (TES)

Fellow delegates, it is an honour to be attending the World Health Organisation in the fifth annual DISMUN conference. I am Joshua Roh, a freshman at Taipei European School, and I will serve as your deputy chair. I was a delegate only two or three weeks ago; after five conferences, DISMUN will be my first chairing experience. WHO DISMUN was also one of my first MUN experiences before the pandemic. It is a delight to return in person, especially as a chair. I hope this conference signals our recovery from the pandemic; I strongly encourage all delegates to embrace this opportunity.


I’ve always enjoyed MUN because it opens us up to the world. I remember the issue in my last DISMUN conference was “Improving the Prevention, Detection, and Preparedness for Possible Outbreak of Future Disease”. The date was January 18th, 2020. I had checked the WHO website, and I still hazily remember reading about an outbreak in Wuhan, China. Eight days after the conference, Taiwan confirmed its first COVID case.


Although the issues we debate in the conference might seem distant and personally unimportant, they open us up to topics that seep through to the future. I think MUN is a way to understand the issues relevant now and even more relevant for the future. As a chair, I will do my best to help you understand, discuss and solve these issues. In that regard, please feel free to contact me at for any inquiries. I wish you the best in preparation for the conference.


Co-chair: Ryan Pan (TES)


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