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United Nations Development Programme

Issue 701: Regarding the future of nuclear energy

Issue 702: Regarding sustainable development of domestic food production in Africa


Head Chair: Celia Tung (HCAS)

Hi delegates! I'm Celia Tung, a junior at Hsinchu County American School, and it is my greatest pleasure to serve as your deputy chair at DISMUN V for UN Women. I started my MUN journey in 8th grade, and I attended my first conference as an unprepared and anxious delegate within one month of joining. To my surprise, I found myself enjoying debate and exchanging ideas during lobbying. Thus, I decided to continue MUN and have attended ten conferences until now. Prior to joining MUN, my academic interests were in STEM and STEM only, but the experiences I had in MUN completely changed that. MUN introduced me to a field of knowledge I never imagined I would explore. From MUN, I gained awareness about global issues, knowledge about international relations, and skills in public speaking and teamwork, all of which are things I never would have had if I decided not to step out of my comfort zone and participate in MUN.


I encourage all delegates to maximize their gains from attending this conference by thoroughly understanding their country stances and committee issues prior to the conference. During debate, I hope to see delegates actively participating even if they do not feel confident about their ideas. Everyone has to start somewhere, and no one can improve if they do not try. Please feel free to contact me at if you need any assistance. I can not wait to see all of you at DISMUN!


Co-chair: Lillian Toe (AAIA)

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