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United Nations Development Programme

Issue 401: Regarding the future of nuclear energy

Issue 402: Regarding sustainable development of domestic food production in Africa


Head Chair: Ginia Wu (KCISLK)

Greetings, fellow delegates!

I am Ginia Wu from KCISLK, and it has been my utmost pleasure to serve as the chair of DISMUN VI UNDP. With past experience in MUN, including eight times as a delegate and eventually becoming an independent chair, I have much to thank MUN for—it has empowered my ability to stand out, express my opinions, and use critical thinking for solid solutions. My hobbies include playing basketball, contributing to scout activities, entrepreneuring, and traveling. An interesting aspect about me is that I once lived in China for eight years; however, for some reason, I did not adopt their unique accent. Since this is my first time chairing an MUN conference, I aim to enhance the delegate's experience throughout the conference. Feel free to ask me any questions :)


Co-chair: Catherine Lee (IBST)

Greetings, esteemed delegates.

I am Catherine Lee, a freshman at International Bilingual Tainan-Science-Park(IBST). It is my utmost pleasure and honor to serve as your co-chair of UNDP at DISMUN VI. I initiated my MUN journey in 7th grade and now attend MUN conferences routinely. Recalling my first experience as a delegate, I remember making zero amendments and barely any speeches. Eventually, I found my confidence and the fun in this activity. Being accepted as a chair gave me the same mix of nervousness and calmness. This opportunity to chair is especially meaningful to me as it signifies a new chapter in my MUN career. Dedicated to ensuring an enjoyable experience for all delegates, I look forward to collaborating with each of you. Together, let's make DISMUN VI an unforgettable memory for all! Feel free to reach out for any challenges or simply to share your thoughts.

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