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Historical Crisis

Issue 501: ​The Rwanda Crisis (1994)


President: Jade Walia (KCIS)

Hi, I am Jade, a 10th grader (sophomore) at Kang Chiao International School Linkou Campus. I began my Model UN journey during 8th grade when I joined the MUN club at my school. I still remember being so lost and unconfident during my first conference. However, I have grown so much since then. Now, I try to speak as much as possible during conferences even though I am still a little unconfident at times. DISMUN is going to be my 2nd time chairing my 7th conference in total. Aside from MUN, I also enjoy many activities in my free time such as singing, acting, reading, and playing basketball during my free time. 


Deputy President: Michael Junior Chen (DIS)


My name is Michael Chen, a freshman in Dominican International School Taipei. It is my pleasure to serve you as your deputy president for this year's crisis committee. Though DISMUNVI will be my first time chairing, I will devote my attention to this task and strive to make the conference a comfortable experience for both new and experienced delegates! I started my MUN journey back in HSINMUN where I was a shy delegate who didn't speak a lot throughout the conference at that time, as I get more courage after gaining some experience, I then felt in love with MUN and seek for improvement during the conference. In this conference Jade and I look forward into a favorably and pleased debate that the delegates will bring to us. Remember MUN is always the best way to train yourself to communicate, connect and cooperate with other delegates. Additionally, no matter whether you're shy or extrovert, we enocurage every delegate to participate in the conference. Can’t wait to see all of you in March. Good luck delegates!

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