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Human Rights Council

Issue 201: Addressing forced marriage

Issue 202: Addressing human rights violation allegations in Palestine


Head Chair: Katherine Lee (KAS)

Greetings delegates, my name is Katherine Lee, a sophomore from Kaohsiung American School, and it is my utmost honor to serve as your deputy chair of the Human Rights Council at DISMUN V. I joined MUN in middle school, attended ten conferences since then, and this will be my second time chairing. Starting as a young delegate, there were many concerning issues across the world that were never exposed to me before joining MUN, and understanding those issues increased my insatiability of curiosity. Being in this community full of cultivated individuals allowed me to view every issue from multiple perspectives, and made me more open-minded about the different cultures and beliefs of each nation. MUN has allowed me to take on different leadership positions even if it is as small as the main submitter, or the person that drives the conversation during lobbying. As the deputy president, I hope to stimulate insightful debate and encourage each delegate to openly express their stance and speak on the podium. Besides enjoying MUN, I am passionate about dancing and traveling; my favorite school subject is mathematics, biology, and chemistry. Feel free to reach out to me with anything, I look forward to seeing you all in March!


Co-chair: Liyeh Kang (DIS)

Greetings Delegates! I am Liyeh Kang, a current freshman studying in Dominican International School. I'm honored to serve as your head chair of the Human Rights Council for DISMUN V. 


Model UN was first introduced to me in sixth grade by some influential, role-model secretariats of our school's MUN club. They inspired me to join DISMUN which marked the start of my MUN journey. WHO DISMUN was my very first MUN experience, therefore its the most memorable to me. Although I was literally shaking everytime I said a speech as the Main Submitter, I wanted to overcome this fear. Today, I've been to 6 conferences as a delegate and is expected to chair in TASMUN this year.


In the process of gaining experience in public speaking and research, I have gained an immense passion for not just Model UN but communicating with the people around me. Especially in this century, people tend to communicate less with others. I believe Model UN helps break the silence. 


I'm also the Financial Chief Officer of DISMUN, so if you have any concerns about the issues, payment, or help to drafting speechs etc. Please contact me!

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