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General Assembly 3 (SOCHUM)

Issue 501: Addressing the refugee crisis in Syria

Issue 502: Improving water supplies in developing countries around desert areas


Head Chair: Vera Wu (TES)

Hello Delegates, I am Vera Wu, currently a Freshman studying at Taipei European School. It is an honor to be the deputy chair of the Economic and Financial Committee for the fifth annual DISMUN conference. DISMUN V will be my sixth conference and will also be my first time chairing. My MUN journey started in grade 6, entering my first conference with little knowledge of how to make speeches or even write a resolution. That first conference was my first step outside my comfort zone, as public speaking was something I used to dread. However, over the years, because of MUN, I have developed not only my confidence and public speaking skills through debate during discussions, knowledge of relevant real-world events while researching committee issues, and teamwork skills by working with fellow delegations. I hope all delegates will use this opportunity to work cooperatively to find solutions to these global issues.


DISMUN II was the second conference I attended, and it is an absolute pleasure to return to the same committee as a chair. Through this conference, I hope to broaden my scope of experience in the world of MUN and seek to construct more connections with those that share the same passion. I look forward to running discussions of real-world issues and creating thorough resolutions to solve these problems. I encourage all delegates to participate actively and use this opportunity to its fullest by sharing different perspectives and ideas. If you have any questions regarding the conference, contact me at As the chair, I look forward to a fruitful debate in ECOFIN!


Co-chair: Oscar Yeh (TES)

I'm Oscar Swift Yeh, a 15-year-old student at TES in Taiwan. I come from Spain, Taiwan, and the United States. My hobbies include drawing, playing guitar, volleyball, kickboxing, and going to the gym. In the future, I plan to finish my IGCSEs at TES and then complete my IB in Spain, but I haven't thought too much about the future yet. I've been doing MUN for around two years but haven't participated in many conferences. This is my first time chairing, and to be honest, it will be a new experience. It will definitely push me out of my comfort zone. I look forward to chairing at DISMUN!

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