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General Assembly 3 (SOCHUM)

Issue 301: Addressing the refugee crisis in Syria

Issue 302: Improving water supplies in developing countries around desert areas


Head Chair: Leo Yeh (DIS)

Greetings delegates!

My name is Leo, a freshman at Dominican International School (DIS), it is my pleasure to serve as your head chair for this conference! 

I was terrified and full of fear when I first started MUN in the eighth grade. I'm not an introverted person, yet I didn't say anything. From this experience I fully understand the pain, uncertainness, and the uncomfortable feeling in your first conference. Don't worry, though; I'll do everything in my power to assist you in stepping outside of your comfort zone without you being aware of it. By committing to take this path, MUN undoubtedly thoroughly transformed me. It gave me confidence and socialization skills, enabled me to make more educated and effective choices in life, as well as trained me how to get along with others. I encouraged every delegate to take over the floor whenever they feel you have something valuable to say and to speak with courage and confidence. For the inexperienced delegates, do not let the fear and terror stop you from restricting you from advancing. Please feel free to contact me and Anson if you have any questions regarding the conference, and I hope to see y'all in March. I hope everyone has a fun experience in DISMUN VI!


Co-chair: Anson Yeh (KSS)

I am Anson Yeh, I’m glad to work with all of you amazing people. It’s my honour to serve as your co-chair in GA3 in this conference. This is my 5th year doing MUN. I might not have as much MUN experience as many of you guys, but I’ll try my best to solve all your problems regarding MUN! This is my very first time serving as co-chair in a conference, so if you’re nervous at any point during the conference, remind yourself that everyone’s nervous! Besides MUN I enjoy doing freestyle dancing, music (Laufey, Troye Sivan, Summer Walker, Conan Gray), and swimming. In the future I look forward to studying music business and working as a music A&R/ music producer, working closely with amazing artists. Last but not least, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions in mind. I’m so excited to meet you all this year! 

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